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I found tons of these blank cards and envelops for dirt cheap in a second hand  store. Thet were on final clearance and were to thrown in the dump the following day. I decided it was time to briefly jump into the card making business. 
Stylized charcoal portrait of my daughter.
18" x 24"
This was a quick portrait done on newspaper print paper with colored pencil. I didn't value my work as much back then and simply folded it in half and stuck it in a scrapbook to be found years later. I've ironed it, pressed it...I think the crease is there for good.
Ink on paper
Watercolor on cold press
Watercolor on  cold press 
watercolor on cold press
watercolor illustration on cold press
watercolor,  on A4 cold press. One in a series of gesture drawings/sketches
watercolor gesture drawing on cold press
watercolor on cold press
This is just a quick sketch to warm  up
This was a piece that a friend asked me to draw. I love creating custom art!!
Maybe because I spent so many years in ballet studios..I just really enjoy drawing them! This one is colored pencil and ink
A compilation oof some of my made up characters. Ive always wanted to illustrate a book from cover to cover. Colored pencil
This photo is of only about a third of the whole. I haven' a clue where he other photos of the rest are...
I often get a hankering to watercolor. This one is a glaze upon glaze upon glaze of washes.
Another character study on A4 paper

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